Grave Robber's Jukebox

 Grave Robber's Jukebox digs up the past and brings it to the present. By "robbing" the ideas of our musical past with hints of gypsy jazz, swing, bluegrass and rockabilly while adding the more ruckus, uptempo drive of our generation's punk rock and pyschobilly, this group has come up with a style that's all their own.

 Avery-James Graveman leads the band on an acoustic guitar and drives the beat with his custom guitar case drum kit. With his whiskey soaked vocals, A.J. sings songs of homelessness, love lost and waiting for that final rest.

 Paul Chatem, the older brother of Avery-James, plays the over grown fiddle (upright bass) and, at times, yells out in a holler some back ground vocals. Paul also shares many of the writing credits for the songs of Grave Robber's Jukebox.

 Johnny Bourbon adds just the right amount of twang to this group playing the banjo and singing back up vocals. As the leader of the band Harley Bourbon, in which A.J. plays drums , Johnny has dedicated his life to music and, in a way, has become the third brother for Grave Robber's Jukebox.

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